Single-use exfoliating mask with socks

Single-use exfoliating mask with socks

Home exfoliating treatment for rough and hard skin with rooibos, honey and citrus fruit extracts

Innovative socks soaked with exfoliating foot mask with potent softening and exfoliating ingredients:  lactic acid, urea and glycolic acid, supported by natural citrus fruit extracts. Contains a complex of botanic ingredients (rooibos, imperata cylindrica, berry extract) with anti-inflammatory properties, which stimulate skin renewal after exfoliation. The mask has a long-lasting activity – it exfoliates rough and hard skin within 7-10 days, leaving the feet smooth and soft. The next day after use it is recommended to apply SheFoot regenerating mask.

  • Lactic acid (INCI: Lactic acid) – eliminates roughness and reduces skin tendency to crack
    Urea (INCl: Urea) – moisturises, exfoliates dead skin cells, controls roughening process
    Glycolic acid (INCI: Glycolic acid) – softens hardened skin, has antifungal activity
    Lemon extract (INCl: Citrus Limon Fruit Extract) – is a source of natural citric acid (AHA acid) which gently exfoliates the skin. In addition, it has antiseptic properties, fades discolorations and evens skin tone
    Blueberry extract (INCl: Vaccinium Myrtillus Fruit/Leaf Extract) – source of flavonoids, prevents free radicals production
    Orange extract (INCl: Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Fruit Extract) – exfoliates the skin naturally, stimulates new skin cells growth, stabilises pH
    Rooibos (INCI: Aspalathus Linearis Extract) – has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
    Imperata Cylindrica (INCI: Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract) – subtropical plant , its root extract retains water in tissues and provides an optimal moisture of upper skin layers for approximately 24 hours. It supplies potassium ions that are necessary to maintain osmotic balance in the cell
    Honey extract (INCl: Honey Extract) – soothes the freshly exfoliated and renewed skin, has antiseptic properties
    Salicylic acid (INCI: Salicylic Acid) – has exfoliating, antibacterial properties, controls cell renewal
    Allantoin (INCI: Alantoin) – has anti-inflammatory effect, soothes micro irritations and stimulates wound healing process

  • Directions for use:
    1. Wash and dry your feet.
    2. Tear off the upper part of the sock along the seal.
    3. Unfold the socks and put them on. Fold the upper part of the sock inwards in order to prevent the liquid from soaking the legs.
    4. Leave the product for approximately 60-90 minutes. Take off the socks and wash your feet carefully once again.

    Callus and hardened skin will begin to peel after 3-5 days after use. Depending on their thickness it may last longer or shorter; the entire exfoliation process should end within 7-10 days. Do not use other callus removal or exfoliating products during this time. It is recommended to regularly use moisturising foot creams or regenerating masks during this period.

    Not to be used more often than once a month. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients, before you use the product.

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